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Boeing 737-800
2010-8-7 18-8-14-999
The Default Boeing 737-800 Boeing Livery.






Microsoft Corporation

Default in:

Flight Simulator X


The Boeing 737-800 (also refered to as: B737-800, B738, or Boeing 737) is one of many default aircraft from Microsoft Flight Simulator X. FSX and X-Plane 11 are the only versions of flight simulators that includes the Boeing 737-800 as a default aircraft.

This plane is the New Generation (NG) model from the Boeing 737 series, which comes as a glass cockpit aircraft.

The 737-800 is typically used for medium to long hauls. Airlines like Southwest Airlines, is an exception to this. Having a fleet of only 737's, the flights of these 737's can range from as short as 200 NM to the verge of its maximum range 3,060 NM.

FSX did not incorporate an FMC on this aircraft, however the default 737 on X-Plane's flight simulator comes with a partially functioning FMC.

Aircraft Specifications Edit

Aircraft Specifications
U.S. Measurement Metric
Cruise Speed 549 mph 853 km/h
Maximum Range 3,060 NM 5,425 km
Service Ceiling 41,000 ft 12,497 m
Fuel Capacity 6,875 Gal 26,060 L

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