Boeing 757-200
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The Captain Sim's Boeing 757-200 Just Flight Livery.






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The Captain Sim 757(also referred to as: Boeing 757-200, B757-200, B752, and Captain 757), is an aircraft that comes from one of Just Flight products, the Captain Sim 757.

Aircraft Details Edit

This aircraft is very high detailed, from inside and out.

Interior Edit

The 3D virtual cockpit consists of click-able buttons/switches, an FMC, a realistic autopilot system, and much more! If you go into virtual cockpit, and press A 3 times, you will be able to be in the 1st class cabin!

Exterior Edit

The Boeing 757's exterior has many animations and features, such as the aerodynamics. It has moving elevators, ailerons, rudder, flaps, spoilers, landing gear, nose wheel, and much more!

Getting Started Edit

This will teach you how to use the Captain Sim 757 from Just Flight. As you load up your aircraft, you may notice that some of the gauges aren't displaying correctly. This can be fixed real easily. You will have set up your IRS system correctly.

Setting up the IRS Edit

To properly set up your IRS, you must go to the overhead panel (SHIFT + 6), and look at the top left corner. When you find the IRS, set all 3 knobs to ALIGN. When switching this knob to ALIGN, the word ALIGN will appear. The word ALIGN means to literally align all the systems in your aircraft with satellites, and communications. Once the ALIGN word has disappeared from the IRS display, switch the knobs to NAV. You may also have noticed that the gauges are now working. By switching to NAV, it will execute that the IRS works, and there is no way to turn it off, EXCEPT by switching the knob to OFF. Now, all the Gauges, including the Autopilot work.

FAQ Edit

Q: When I load my Captain Sim's 757, all of the gauges, autopilot, ect., do not work! Why is this?

A: This happens because you probably haven't set up your IRS correctly.

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