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The Cessna 172SP (also referred to as C172, Cessna 172, or C172SP) is one of many Microsoft Flight Simulator X Default Aircraft. It is used for General Aviation, pilot training and even for exploration.

The Cessna 172 is a single-engine propeller aircraft with a cruise speed of 124 knots (200 km/h), a service ceiling of 14,000 ft (4267 m), and a maximum range of 638 nm (1181 km). It has a max capacity of 5 passengers (including the pilot) and can hold up to 885 lb (405 kg) of cargo and/or passengers combined.

The Cessna 172 SP is about the size of a Sedan car, excluding the dimensions of the wings. It is 27 ft, 2 in long, 8 ft, 11 in tall, and has a wingspan of 36 ft and 1 in.

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