Maule Orion
The Default Maule Orion.


General Aviation




Microsoft Corporation

Flight Simulator X Edition

Standard Edition or higher

The Maule Orion is one of the many default planes from Microsoft Flight Simulator X. There are two types of Maule Orions in Flight Simulator X, the original one, with wheels, and the arctic one, with skis.

The Maule Orion is typically flown VFR, as it is a general aviation aircraft. Its only usage is for private flights. This aircraft can also come with skis, therefor making it available to land on snowy pavement.

Variations Edit

Flight Simulator X has 2 different types of Maule Orions. The Maule Orion and the Maule Orion on Skis.

Aircraft Specifications Edit

Aircraft Specifications
U.S. Measurement Metric
Cruise Speed 164 mph 264 km/h
Maximum Range 600 nm 1,092 km
Service Ceiling 20,000 ft 6,096 m
Fuel Capacity 73 Gal 277 L
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Maule Maule Orion