Boeing 737 NGX
Pmdg 737-800

The PMDG 737-800NGX in the house colors

Role                                               Airliner
Manufactuer                                   Boeing
Publisher                                     PMDG
Flight Simulator X Edition                         

Acceleration Edition

The PMDG Boeing 737NGX (also refered to as: B737-800B737-900B737-700B737-600B738B739B737B736Boeing 737, or PMDG 737NGX) is an aircraft modeled and designed by the PMDG company.

This plane is the New Generation (NG) model from the Boeing 737 series, which comes as a glass cockpit aircraft.

The 737-800 is typically used for medium to long hauls. Airlines like Southwest Airlines, is an exception to this. Having a fleet of only 737's, the flights of these 737's can range from as short as 200 NM to the verge of its maximum range 3,060 NM.

Aircraft DetailsEdit

This aircraft is not framerate-friendly, and is very highly detailed, inside and out.


In the inside, the PMDG 737NGX has a working FMC, working Autopilot, and almost all of the buttons in the cockpit are pressable.


On the outside, the PMDG 737NGX has various animations, such as the movement of flaps, speedbrakes, gears, and even wingtips.

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